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Every persons life is but a fairytale written by God's own hands
Hans Christian Andersen

Three beautiful letters ...

Friday, March 30, 2012

DTC baby!!!!!!!!!!

Hang on my naughty little man

 mommy is getting closer :)

I800A approval and yes, you guessed it pictures :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

You guessed it I have been blessed by yet another traveling mommy and she shot a few pictures of our little guy :)
 Xuzhou SWI rocks!
The orphange director is very open to visitors and to show off the work that they do there with her kids. Caden is blessed beyond measure to be there. I have to say out of all of my adoptive children I have worried about him the least. It has been wonderful to have a break on something in the process :)

These little glimpses into Cadens life have been such a God send.

Each little picture gives a glimpse as to what his days are like.

 And for a  waiting parent that is a huge blessing.

I love this picture the best :)
Our little guy likes to be tickled and giggle :)

So this week ends up being great after all ... 1800 A approval notice is in my hand and my  precious baby boys day in pictures!
We should be DTC (dossier to China) in 2 weeks!!!
Have a great weekend!



Thursday, March 8, 2012

Have any of you ever heard that by adopting you took the easy road?

Well, I have and clearly these people ,who really do mean well, never have adopted.
There is nothing easy about this road in fact it can be filled with many unexpected road blocks  and detours. I have to just remind myself that I am just the passenger . I do not get to choose the speed or the direction but just go along for the ride.
 While this is my third adoption, I am still getting a grand lesson in patience . Sigh.

But when I wake up and see this sweetness

sleeping so peacefully, I wonder if he knows that he too is just waiting.That he had to travel down the same broken roads that I have to get where he is going.
 Or does he think this is all life has to offer.

 But when I look at this picture, I have to laugh and think wow he seems just content and relaxed in his waiting :)

But the momma in me wants to be there right NOW! Scoop up this sweetness and whisper in his ear that you are loved ,  treasured and waiting on something wonderful.
 Days filled with kisses ,hugs and giggles.
 Nights wrap up tight and safe in  my arms as you drift off to sleep.

Never alone,

Never waiting ,

 Never wondering is this all life has to offer.
Because you are worthy of so much more .

Sweet dreams my little man.


My little rebel with a cause

Friday, March 2, 2012

Okay, I am officially one spoiled momma :)

And can I just say ...  I love it !!!!!!

I requested some updated measurements of Caden before the bridge of love deadline of March 1. As I am seeing all of these new pictures from traveling families this child looks big! So I had to put a halt to the shopping till I got some updated measurement.
And yes there is great shopping for boys :)
Caden does not know it yet but his momma has already picked out an edgy ,tough boy look for this little
 guy :)
Spiky hair ,camo pants , hats to match ever outfit and of course cool shades too! The girls at the sand box are going to say" Wow... who is this new guy" !  Hee,hee!

So to go with that tough boy look you got to have that rebel without a cause kind of attitude :)
With these measurements came 8 new pictures!!!!!! Oh my!!!!

Well take a look for yourself at the new pictures of our little James Dean and you be the judge.
I am just going to call him my little rebel with a cause because his cause is escaping the confines of that walker :)

 But the orphanage just calls him naughty !!!!!

"What did you say... stay here?"

"But I really have to be somewhere ..."

   This explains the bruise on his forehead in every picture :)

"Wow being a rebel is hard work!"

"Now I will just flash this beautiful smile and maybe nobody will care I just escaped "

Oh yeah this one is going to fit in here just fine !

BTW, the cutie that is laughing and watching Caden is available for adoption. He is currently on the shared list and waiting ! Please contact me via this post  for further info on this precious boy :) 


Another little surprise :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I awoke this morning to another surprise in my email. For those of you who were lucky enough to be on my email contact list :) it is not the surprise from yesterday. You all know I was not really stranded in Spain with no money but that my email had been hacked.

So the surprise this morning was so much better than my trip to Spain :)

This surprise was from someone who was traveling through Xuzhou SWI and took a short video of a little wheel lovin', blond headed cutie just chillin' while he is waiting on his momma .


I do believe I am going to have a permanent neck injury  from looking at this over the next few months :)

Now that is a good kind of pain... don't ya think !