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Every persons life is but a fairytale written by God's own hands
Hans Christian Andersen

The "new" perfect

Thursday, May 10, 2012

It is amazing to me as an adoptive mom to two of the most amazing little girls that they would even be considered "special needs".I know for a fact that if I was evaluated, I would too have been labeled special needs with all of my imperfections.   Although, we do  discuss the fact that they both were considered special needs we do not by anyway let that label define who they are. We merely share this part of their story to educate those about the term "special needs"  and  hope that through sharing, a door will be opened for another child who waits to know the love of a family.
Rainbow Kids created a wonderful video explaining this label and how it does not define these children who wait.
Look closely and you just might recognize a really handsome little fella spotlighted in the video :)

Waiting Child Video

Please pass the video on and lets continue to educate people about the term" special needs" .
 Who knows just maybe by doing this someones life could be blessed by one of these amazing waiting children!

I do indeed feel blessed to have a different "looking glass "  and a new found definition of what perfection  really means to me.


Video of my man :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Well it appears that I can post Caden's video thanks to a dear friend :)
Here is one of Caden's videos.
 As you will see my little man is not lacking in the energy department !

So anyone who ever wonders about my new found  obsession  devotion with the gym .... wonder no more :) Caden is fast and as you mamas know we must be faster :)
And the faster he goes the more he giggles :)
Man, am I in trouble or what !


A rebel and his wheels

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Just when I think that I have had all I can take of this crazy process and wait, something really wonderful happens ...
 a video of the most precious , giggling, bundle of joy that I have ever laid my eyes on is sent to me !
 I can not post the video but trust me this baby boy of mine is giggling as he drives this car up and down the hallways of his orphanage.

Caden is a true one handed rebel on red wheels  :) And just loving every single second of it!
 I have watched this video at least a million times :)

Okay, it is probably closer to 10 million  but who is counting :)  
I have to admit I have studied every expression ,every look , and every sweet smile of my little man. 

And I just know when to hang it up , whip out the white flag and  admit defeat .
This little guy has got my heart wrapped around each and every one of those little pudgy  fingers.
So I give up Caden ! You have just won the fierce love and complete devotion of one crazy blond headed mama who loves you beyond measure!
And I am warning you now that when we finally do meet face to face, I am going to kiss every square inch of those precious cheeks , scoop you up in my arms  and never let you go.