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Every persons life is but a fairytale written by God's own hands
Hans Christian Andersen


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Caden is finally home!!!!!
Meeting Mommy!

Meeting Jake at the airport!

Life has been a blur the past few days since his arrival! But other than the normal adjustments with life with a busy toddler I feel more prepared for him than I did with the girls homecoming.

Caden is super sweet,silly and loves to be held ...all the time ! He comes over to me with his arms up and calls "mama" or "up" .
Caden loves to eat ! And at a whopping 27 pounds my poor little back is feeling his love of food :) Ava did not even plot for weight on the growth charts, Pei plotted at 3 percentile and this little fella plotted at the 50 percentile right out of the gate:)

Jury is still out on his love for the dog and cat ! He is telling Tex to sit with hand signals and also ushering him away . I can see how they could be really scary to a little guy that has never seen a furry , licking creature wanting to be his constant companion. I believe that in time Tex and Caden will be the best of friends !

 Since being home for just a couple of days he has acquired five simple English words and loves his mama :)
And his mama LOVES him!!!!!!


Jeanette said...

Tears are flowing!!!! Love seeing him smile and being with his family! He is gorgeous!! Please post again soon!

Mellissa said...

So cute!

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