Every persons life is but a fairytale written by God's own hands
Hans Christian Andersen

Merry Christmas !!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Life has been so crazy!!!!!! Who would have thought that adding a busy ,sweet active 32 pound baby boy to the family could add a slight element of chaos to the mix ... :)
 But this little guy has been so worth it all!!!!!

Wishing everyone a blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year!!!!!!!


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I am amazed at this precious boy of ours!

Truly just in awe of how well he has adjusted to life in our family. I have experience with the orphanage child who experienced neglect and I have experience with the foster child who truly grieved the loss of her China foster mom. So I figured Caden would fall somewhere in between these two .
Not even close.
Now he does a little grieving at bedtime but during the day this baby boy is outgoing ,silly , nothing short of amazing.
And I will be honest he managed to wrap his mama around all of his precious little fingers in record time !



Sunday, September 16, 2012

Caden is finally home!!!!!
Meeting Mommy!

Meeting Jake at the airport!

Life has been a blur the past few days since his arrival! But other than the normal adjustments with life with a busy toddler I feel more prepared for him than I did with the girls homecoming.

Caden is super sweet,silly and loves to be held ...all the time ! He comes over to me with his arms up and calls "mama" or "up" .
Caden loves to eat ! And at a whopping 27 pounds my poor little back is feeling his love of food :) Ava did not even plot for weight on the growth charts, Pei plotted at 3 percentile and this little fella plotted at the 50 percentile right out of the gate:)

Jury is still out on his love for the dog and cat ! He is telling Tex to sit with hand signals and also ushering him away . I can see how they could be really scary to a little guy that has never seen a furry , licking creature wanting to be his constant companion. I believe that in time Tex and Caden will be the best of friends !

 Since being home for just a couple of days he has acquired five simple English words and loves his mama :)
And his mama LOVES him!!!!!!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What a blur the last few days have been ! I have had limited access to the internet and the time change has made all of these updates difficult!
But Caden is now officially ours! Bret describes him as silly ,sweet , funny and smart! He is a little guarded and cautious which is expected  considering all of the change that has occurred in the last 48 hours of this little guys life. Caden is also described as active ... :) We already knew that but to see him in motion ...well I will just say he is all boy !
Without further adieu here is Caden Ryker  a.k.a. "Lil Han"


Eight days and counting ...

Monday, August 27, 2012

Eight days till gotcha day!!!!!

I can not believe that it is finally here.

 All of the waiting , paperwork and tears will all be a distant memory come Monday when they hand Caden over to Bret.

 In just a few short days this sweet baby boy's life is about to change. I have had almost a year to prepare myself for this. Caden has no idea what is about to happen.
Please pray that our sweet boy does well with all of the change !

Next post Gotcha day !!!!!!!

TA !!!!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

So excited to finally receive our travel approval for this precious baby boy ! We are hoping for a gotcha day of September 3rd.

Hang tight little man we will be there soon !!!!!!!


The countdown begins ...

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Really who am I fooling like I have not already begun counting down the months till we meet our little guy. But now we are literally down to the last few weeks till he is home. Home for good. As hard as this wait has been on me I received pictures last night that tells me that this wait as been harder on our little guy.
Caden has such soulful blue eyes that just tell a story with no words needed.
Despite the fact that his beautiful golden locks have been shaved off he is still breathtaking :)
In just a few short weeks our baby boy will be an orphan no more. Any sadness replaced with happiness, tears replaced with infectious giggles and loneliness replaced with love. Hang tight little man it will not be much longer now!